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About Tech Avenue Records

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering is Art in perfection. Audio Mastering is the solution to optimize the quality of your music; to get the polished sound you hear from your favorite producers. To have the best quality on streaming services or club sound systems in dance music clubs, you need to ensure that you have a well balanced sound studio with proper acoustic treatment. During the mixing process, your music needs to be optimized and ready for mastering. At Tech Avenue, we help maximize song quality and help you reach that extra 10% in your sound that so many producers strive for.


Mass Distribution

Once your music is sounding right, Tech Avenue will ensure your tracks are published and distributed the correct way. Tech Avenue is Ascap licensed and has reach to over 20 digital streaming services. Your music will be listed on everything from Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Youtube, and more. Tech Avenue also takes it a step further to distribute on independent streaming services such as BandCamp, Beatport, and several DJ Record Pools. Your music can be released on CD or Vinyl if we choose to arrange for that well in advance. 


Now that your music sounds good and has reached the proper exposure to listeners, we utilize our vast network of Electronic event planners and social media to get your music heard. We ensure that our artists are provided with the best possible digital marketing. The pre-digital, PR driven promotional model is slowly phasing out, and Tech Avenue embraces the increasingly changing promotional landscape currently happening in the Electronic music scene; specifically in the Techno and Tech House genres. Ultimately, Tech Avenue shares the same goal as our artists, which is to acquire as many listeners as possible.

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